Only 50 units are available of this unique piece of art.
All pieces are individually numbered, and upon purchase, registered to the buyer.
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By buying this unique piece of art you are eligible to get registered as the rightful owner of this product. On scanning the code the unique data for your jar will be summoned and you can see the name of the purchaser.  

Private data is only accessible by scanning the singular QR code on the physical product. In theory, this means your data is protected and only those whom you allow to scan the code can access the information about the origin, quality and potency of your piece of art. The registered owner is eligible to transfer ownership during the lifetime of the product.

This is not honey, it's a piece of art.

By naming the Limited Reserve Mars ZH21, Zealandia Honey is paying homage to Mars missions with the finest Manuka honey in the world.

This is no ordinary honey, so we’ve given it no ordinary jar. The round form of the honey container is based on Mars and its two moons. It is made from hand blown glass by Taupō glass artist Lynden Over. Deep layers of rich rust glass represent the red surface of Mars and complement the lush gold of the honey.

Each jar will be accompanied with a stainless-steel precision engineered spoon. The jar is sealed with an ingenious stopper. One end represents the smaller of Mars’ two moons, Deimos. The other end doubles as a stainless-steel honey dipper. The jar is mounted on a wooden stand carved from swamp kauri by Waitahanui woodturner Robbie Graham. The whole artwork will be presented in a display box lit with tiny LEDs to look like the Milky Way.

Christine Robb and Lynden Over from Lava Glass have been working on the Mars jar prototype for six months. Lynden explains, “The development phase of a complex piece like this is quite drawn out. It’s technically challenging and there’s a lot of problem solving, which we love. I’m hand blowing every jar and the two moons, but we’re also working with a laser cutter to engineer the spoon, with and woodturner to make the stopper and the stand, and sourcing swamp kauri from Dargaville in Northland.”
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Zealandia Honey ZH21 New Zealand
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